Ray brought direct marketing to Asia

No one in Asia really understood direct marketing until Ray Jutkins made his appearance in different cities across Asia to articulate in simple terms the meaning and power of this wonderful discipline.

When I became Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore in 1994, I read about Ray and his magic! So in 1995, when I heard that he was going to be in Asia, I decided to organise a series of road shows in Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia), Chennai (a southern state of India), and in Mumbai (also known as Bombay and the western business capital of India).

Ray was thrilled to be part of my small event venture. He thrilled the audience with his candour, style and depth. I sensed he was taken aback by the vocal audience in India who continued to challenge his methods.

Ray was particularly thrilled when he saw a 20-foot cut-out of himself across the hotel in the streets of India promoting his event. I continue to treasure the brochure of Ray riding the rocket - it gave me confidence to organise more events across the region.

Besides being the founder of DM Asia in 1996, I initiated DM Thailand in 2001 and hope to launch DM India in 2007. Coincidentally I was discussing about getting Ray with Alex Har (another fan of Ray's) to grace this inaugural event next year, totally unaware of his passing!

When Ray came over to be my keynote speaker in a show held in the grand Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore, he insisted that I arrange a Harley for him to ride into the ballroom. I was apprehensive, having to face the hotel's strict rules and convincing the local Harley agent to loan a bike. When I mentioned Ray Jutkins's name, all the pieces fell into place - it was amazing!

I really believe this man had a magic touch in the words he repeatedly uses in his emails .... "Let's Make It Happen Retnam!"

I will miss this great man. I would like to propose to the global direct marketing fraternity honor Ray Jutkins's contribution by naming a category of your Direct Mail Awards as a Ray Jutkins Award. I will propose this to the associations in Asia , and I hope the rest in USA, Canada, Europe, and UK will do the same.

Ray - you will always be in my heart and mind, my friend....

B.S. Retnam
Partner, BSR Consulting
Immediate Past Chairman, Direct Marketing Association of Singapore
Founder, DM Asia
Founder, DM Thailand
Founder, Asia Pacific Direct Marketing Council


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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