On the Raydio with Ray

I was Ray's contact at L-Soft, the email list software company that provided him with hosting for his ezine. We met Ray in 2001 when he was doing Internet radio near our booth at the DMA Annual conference. We hit it off and later invited him to broadcast from our booth at the AdTech conference (see attached picture). Having Ray there made it an exciting and very successful trade show for us.

Ray was a fascinating individual with a lot of character. He was very unique in the world of business and direct marketing. I was so happy that he accepted our sponsorship of his email newsletter, not just because it was good exposure for us but because I genuinely liked him and wanted to keep in touch. I'm so sorry he is gone but I know that somewhere he is doing amazing things and touching everyone he meets, just like he did here.

Connie Rice, Marketing Associate


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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