Ray Jutkins - By the numbers

This was the title of the conference we hosted at the Montreal Chapter of the Canadian Marketing Association. And what a conference it was!

Ray not only brought his knowledge, he did it with an endless amount of energy and enthusiasm.

Ray asked politely if anyone we knew owned a Harley, just to make the conference a little more fun! And yes, he did end up making his flamboyant entry, blues jeans, checkered shirt, bandana and all, on a week-old beauty, graciously offered by Gilles Roy, a DM and Harley 'Maniac'.

Gilles and Ray now had two good reasons for becoming good friends !

A month later, just before Christmas, my wife and I received a giant, beautiful set of gift-wrapping paper at home, just Ray's way of personnally saying 'Thanks for having me in Montreal'.

Every year since, we have never passed Christmas without having a warm thought for Ray Jutkins.

Ironically, the wrapping paper ran out this past Christmas...and somehow, I am not surprised.

Ray Jutkins - By the Numbers - will be remembered fondly.

François Ouellette
Manager, Direct Marketing - Canada Post


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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