Dynamite in South Africa

I first met Ray in 1991 at the South African Direct Marketing Symposium in Johannesburg. At the invitation of the organiser, Brian McDonald, I -24 at the time- came all the way from Germany to attend. Ray's presentation had people literally gasping for air! He rode down the aisle on his Harley, but slightly underestimated its turning circle. Getting stuck between stage and first row, he revved the baby, nicely covering the first 3-4 rows in pure Harley smoke. Everyone, except those inhaling the holy smoke, had one helluva laugh! His presentation was typical Rocket style: pure dynamite!

Some time later, in 1996, when I launched the Marketing Competence website, I emailed Ray, and he graciously posted and emailed some material I could use on the site. We've been in touch ever since. Then, in 1999, 8 years after I first met him, I had the honour and privilege to present WITH him, in Dubai, at the conference organised by Kumud Sengupta. What a treat! I would have never thought this could happen, but it did! The attached photo, taken by Kumud, shows two balding presenters preparing their talks. :) We had great fun, yet as always, it was highly educating to listen to Ray.

My heartfelt condolences go to Nancy and the extended Jutkins family. Ray was clearly one of the greatest, and I have no doubt that wherever he is now, he'll be pure dynamite - Rocket style!

Helmar Rudolph, Corporate Brain Surgeon, CRM Guru
Tokai 7945, RSA


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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