I have known Ray for many years and have welcomed the many insights he sent in his newsletters and in our personal visits. We've shared a podium a few times and it was always fun.

My fondest recollection goes back, perhaps six or seven years ago, when Ray and I shared a podium in Salt Lake City to help them launch their direct marketing club.

Ray, well known as a motorcyclist, arranged to enter the meeting room on his motorcycle. He drove right through the doors, down the aisle and up to the front...got off of the cycle, and began his talk.
Needless to say, the audience was astounded...and, I understand, the local fire marshal had a fit learning that a motorized vehicle had been driven inside.

That way Ray...always the showman and always the motorcycle enthusiast.

He influenced many people during his long and productive career. His shoes will be very hard to fill.

Jerold L. Heisler
The Heisler Group, Inc.


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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