Note: It's most surprising that comments about Ray continue to arrive more than 5 years after his death. It is clear that he had a profound impression on many people's lives. The following message arrived on September 18, 2009:

Thanks from an Arizona Friend

Just realized that a lot of Ray's wisdom is still available on the net, courtesy of Rich Schefren, and that you're collecting memories of Ray.

I doubt anything I have to say will warrant posting on your site, but just writing this gives me an opportunity to send thanks to Ray, something I didn't do well enough when I should have.

I moved to Arizona in the mid-90's to start up a database marketing initiative at the AZ Republic. I was flush with enthusiasm and some 'book learnin', but devoid of real experience. I met Ray at an AZDMA meeting, then attended an eight week class he put on for the AZDMA. He rode in from Roll, and I'm sure he wasn't paid much, if at all.

The sparkle in Ray's eye as he shared war story after war story told me that I had made the right career decision and that I was fortunate enough to be learning from the real deal.

A few years later, I was humbled to share the dais with Ray as he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the AZDMA and I accepted their Direct Marketer of the Year Award. Ray's was earned many times over, mine was a polite knod to my company's support of the organization.

A couple of years later I was invited to speak to the AZDMA. Ray approached me afterward with a deluge of questions. He followed this up with a Raydio interview where he gave me great clarity re what I had presented. His insight into my presentation sent me off on a ten year adventure that transformed my thinking and my life.

He gave me a call after the meeting with his doctors. Was as upbeat as ever, as though he was just letting me know he was approaching the next stage of his life with every bit the enthusiasm he had shown everything else.

Thank you Ray, thank you, thank you, thank you,

Jim Hart


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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