Making sense of it

Like many of us, Ray's career spanned a period of constant technical change. Everything you think you knew about how your industry worked seemed to change every day when you got up.

As one technical change after another bombarded his work and how he would connect with it, there was often great resistance to them. We all do, to some extent or other. In Ray's case, it was not resistance from a fear of a new technology, or the inability to grasp the new way - it was a recognition that so often change becomes change for its own sake. And isn't always an improvement.

The other expression [besides "Wow! What a Ride!"] for which he is famous is, "But it doesn't make any sense, Jim." It wasn't that he couldn't see how to do things the new way - it was that he couldn't see the sense of tossing something that worked just to do it a different way.

Not having Ray about, to call after a few days or a few weeks, and start a conversation with his name and launch directly into the middle of your last conversation, to me just doesn't make any sense. But his lesson not to buy into 'different' for its own sake does, and the teacher will be missed.

Jim Vormelker


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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