Birds of a feather, flock together

The name Ray Jutkins long preceded our meeting and becoming friends some ten years ago. He was then known as “Rocket” Ray Jutkins.

I happened to come across one of his booklets in the archives of the National Mail Order Association (NMOA) when I became president in 1995. When I read through his booklet full of useful direct marketing tips, I thought that this would be a great thing to share with direct marketing entrepreneurs. So I tracked Ray down and asked if he would share his name and expertise to the association.

He didn’t even pause. Sure, no problem...glad to help, was his immediate response. That was the type of person he was, if you reached out to him, he would reach back. Over the years he generously supplied the NMOA with hundreds of tips, ideas and articles for us to share with others around the world who are seeking to enhance their direct marketing know-how. Ray helped me help others.

Ray also took time to introduce me to many other direct marketers, by phone, by e-mail and at DM events and conferences. And each of these people in turn were kind and sharing people. Ray’s network of friends’ gives reality to the saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together” Ray’s flock was a good one.

And if I’ve learned one thing in life, there’s only one way to have and keep good people around you, and that’s by being a good person too. Ray was a good person. You bet I’ll miss him, but I’ll keep part of him alive with me always by continuing to share with others his wisdom and kindness with the same fervor he showed me.

John D. Schulte, President and Chairman
National Mail Order Association (NMOA)
Minneapolis, Minnesota


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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