Ray the ‘Go-Getter’ -- from Sam Woo

I bought my first Harley back in 1990 having never been on one before, and was afraid to ride alone -- so it sat in the garage for three years and I was consider selling it. I had no idea Ray was a rider then. At the time I was working with Nancy and mentioned to her by chance. Ray called me up right after that and told me: We NEED to get you out on that bike with me…

That very Sunday morning at 5:30 AM Good Ole Ray was BANGING down my door and took me on my first ‘real’ ride up on PCH, giving me riding and safety tips all along the way. After that he ‘dragged’ me with him to the LA #1 HOG chapter breakfast -- my legs (and heart) were still shaky from the morning ride. So I went with the HOG group to Santa Barbara and back. By the end of that day, I have no recollection of all the scenery they were ooohing and aaahing about -- just the double yellow line in the middle of the road. It was only 200 miles that day, not exactly the crazy stuff like Ray’s 46 hours cross country trip. But I was having the time of my life; thus began my love affair with my beloved Harley.

And for that Ray – I thank you.

Of the many wonderful qualities of Ray, one thing is for certain, he was passionate about what he did, both in business and pleasure. Ray was excitable, and his enthusiasm was extremely contagious; plus he was unselfish about spreading happiness and joy, and quick with a helping hand.

The one thing I miss most in China is riding my HOG, I used to think of all my riding buddies, maybe someday I will get Ray to come and ride with me here across China – and you know he will be crazy enough to do that!

I shall miss you Ray, and will remember you always.

Enjoy the bugs on your latest road trip.

Sam Woo, Principle Creative Director
Catalyst-China Consulting
Shanghai, P. R. China


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With fond memories of Ray and with deep respect for his family.
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